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By sharing cows on Farmable you are supporting farmers in Ghana. The more awesome cow designs we create, the more items people will want from the cow shop and the more money we can give.

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Ninja Cow

Farmable - Ninja Cow - Munches using stealth techniques

"Munches using stealth techniques"

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Farmable - Moominator - Part cow, part machine

"Part cow, part machine"

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Borat Cow

Farmable - Borat Cow - I LIIIIKE!!!


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Farmable - Cowpeira - Has got the moooves and the grooove!

"Has got the moooves and the grooove!"

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Kill Bill Cow

Farmable - Kill Bill Cow - Thirst for revenge

"Thirst for revenge"

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Farmable - Moochacho - Laid back cow from Moooxico!

"Laid back cow from Moooxico!"

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Pirate Cow

Farmable - Pirate Cow - Arghhh!! Captain Mook is out for Milk!

"Arghhh!! Captain Mook is out for Milk!"

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Super Cow

Farmable - Super Cow - It's a bird, it's a plane, it's a COW!?!?

"It's a bird, it's a plane, it's a COW!?!?"

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Surfer Cow

Farmable - Surfer Cow - Cowly Slater says Surfs Up!

"Cowly Slater says Surfs Up!"