Our Five Year Goal

Our goal is to raise awareness of the issues facing small holder cattle farmers in Ghana, help them achieve independence and create a crowdfunding platform that is both fun and engaging to the world.

  1. Partner with 250 Smallholder farmers.
  2. Increase farmer herd size by up to 25%.
  3. Increase average profit of smallholder partners by 10%.
  4. Crowdfarm over 7,500 cattle from Smallholder farmers on the Farmable CFP.
  5. Sell 5,000 cattle and build a database of 100,000 paying subscribers on the Farmable CFP

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Innoboa means 'Crowdfunding'

The idea for Farmable as a crowdfunding platform was born from the Ghanian concept of Innoboa.

From the Akan community in Ghana, there is a concept called 'Innoboa' which means communal help. Individual youths work together as a group to work as a unit on each other group members’ farm. As they work together, it creates the opportunity for learning and sharing ideas about their dreams, culture and farming knowledge. Thus Innoboa becomes a form of Social Capital for the benefit of both individual members and the greater community even beyond the farming activity.

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Creating Social Impact

"Agriculture is the No.1 industry responsible for reducing poverty and world hunger. To invest in agriculture is to directly contribute to poverty reduction." - UN Food and Agriculture Organization

We have chosen to invest in agriculture because it is the single best option for spurring economic growth, raising smallholder farmer income and increasing food security. Commercially there are also great opportunities for value added services in the cattle market value chain in emerging markets. The combination of the Farmable social and enterprise business units will have multiple benefits for Ghana and future emerging markets, including but not limited to:

  1. Obtaining better prices for farmers when selling their cattle. Improving the lives of farmers and their families.
  2. Building domestic food capacity and reducing the reliance of Ghana on imported beef, leading to improved food security.
  3. Reducing the reliance on external project funding that faces charities and NGOs.
  4. Developing social and human capital by providing decent local jobs and opportunities.
  5. Building a reliable supply of high quality beef for marketing, and opportunities to develop value added services.

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Our Partners

Farmable will co-ordinate and partner with field-based NGOs, universities (local and international) and SMEs who will play an important role in capacity building, improving cattle health and improving breeding stock. Our partners include:


iSpace Ghana

iSpace is a unique environment where technology startups can start up faster, located in the city of Accra, Ghana. Farmable have based one of their primary offices there.



Vivuus is helping Farmable to supply cheap food to cattle farmers around Ghana. They specialize in collecting feed, distribution and fleet management.



Esoko is an online agriculture market information tool that is critical to Farmable's knowledge of fair market prices for farmers. Farmable will also be using the Esoko system to improve the overall cattle market in Ghana to make sure all farmers have access to equal opportunities.