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Join the Crowdfarming Revolution

Farmable is a Crowdfunding platform that aims to create a new form of global collaborative farming called ‘Crowdfarming’.

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How does it work?

Start a new cow, Name it, give him/her a personality, get your friends and family to lend support & get your cow farmed! If you successfully get 20 people to join your cow, you will get to work with the Farmable cow illustrators to get your cow created and placed in the cow shop. Every purchase form the shop contributes to the capacity building activities Farmable are doing in Ghana.


Custom Cow Name & Design

Create a new cow and give it a name and personality. These details will be used to identify the cow, attract people and be the theme of the custom cow illustration if the cow is successfully funded. Create a new cow.



If your cow is funded, you will get to work with the Farmable cow illustrators to create the coolest cow in the shop... Because its yours!


Farmer get’s Support

Once the cow has been 100% crowdfarmed and created, Farmable will finalise the cow character, and apply it to all reward shop merchandise. You can then buy your custom cow items which contributes to the capacity building activities Farmable are doing in Ghana.

Start new cow

Give your cow a name and personality. This will be how people see your cow and will be the cow character for your rewards.

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What is Farmable?

Farmable is a social enterprise, crowdfarming real cows, on real farms in Ghana.

At Farmable, our vision is to create a self sustaining enterprise that empowers small holder farmers in Ghana to fight hunger without reliance on external aid or charity. We started Farmable to support farmers in emerging markets through crowdfarming; to equip farmers with the tools and resources necessary to fight hunger and build a sustainable food supply.

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Farmable Business Units

In order to achieve our vision, we have developed a social enterprise comprised of three primary business units:

Farmable Online

A crowdfunding platform (in beta testing) that links global online funders to local Smallholder farmers in Ghana. Customers will fund cows for farms to help farmers. We call this ‘crowdfarming’. These social investors will be termed CowBackers.

Farmable on the Ground

A field operation with strategic partners including NGOs and Universities, that will work together to improve the capacity of Smallholder cattle farmers and the health of their herds.

Ghana Beef Co.

(Ghana Beef Company) A value adding operation that will buy the health cattle from Small Holder Farmers at the best market rate, and sell the cattle as beef back into the domestic market.


Help the Cows, Help the Farmers

We are partnering with Smallholder cattle farmers to bring food security to Ghana.

We are helping the Ghanaian cattle farmers by engaging in a series of capacity building activities including:

  • Animal health activities
  • Knowledge sharing programs
  • Providing access to vital ICT technologies
  • Beef marketing operations

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So why cows in Ghana?

In Ghana, over 90% of farming is done by small holder farmers that don’t have the skills, knowledge or resources to care for their cows properly and get their cows to market. As a result of the issues facing farmers:

  1. Over 1 million people below the poverty line in Ghana and cannot get access to meat products.
  2. There is a deficit of 95,000 tonnes of meat in Ghana per year, including imports. This number is likely to grow as population density in emerging markets continues to rise.
  3. Over half the population in Ghana suffer from nutritional deficiencies in iron and iodine because they cannot access quality beef.
  4. There is a high cattle mortality rate and average cattle size is very low compared to imported cattle. As such, domestic supply cannot keep up with market demand and suffers from imported beef products.
  5. Over 85% of beef is imported to Ghana because it’s cheaper to ship meat from South America and the UK than to get it from local farmers.
  6. Beef imports have more than doubled in the last 10 years.

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The Cow Shop

Create a custom cow or buy a cool cow item from the Farmable Cow Shop. From mugs to watches and clocks and socks. Every purchase helps Farmers in Ghana.

The reward shop lists all the custom cows that have been created on the CFP. CowBackers start by choosing a cow design followed by a reward such as a t-shirt, notepad or dart board that will have the custom cow printed on it. Farmable have partnered with zazzle to help create the items, provide delivery and make sure everyone has a great shopping experience.

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